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Through decades of experience as a distributor for numerous Michelin-starred and premium restaurants, chain food and beverage groups, hotels, supermarkets, etc.; we are able to acquire a large variety of premium food supply from all over the globe, for example: premium meat like wagyu and iberico, imported seafood, fruit, creative vegan diet choices, flavorings and desserts, for every household, at affordable pricing.

By rich experience, we dedicate our effort to ensure different food is delivered at the most appropriate and preserving processes in order to assure you ordered food will be delivered to your doorstep at its best freshness and finest condition.

Our mission is to bring rich eating experience to you by providing you with premium and quality food at affordable prices. No more lining up for hours, traveling around searching, dealing with parking problems, save you from hard efforts in searching and buying and limits of bad weather, in order to satisfy your every need in food. Also, to provide you with a new hassle-free experience while you are trying to prepare a warm meal no matter for your family or yourself; creating a new definition in food preparation while you are bringing your cooking talent and ideas into full play; as a result, bringing you the happiness of eating.

We also welcome wholesaling requests, please feel free to contact us at Whatsapp: 852-9251 7978 / Email:

食物環境衛生署許可牌照: 3661800170

Food and Environmental Hygiene Department Permit: 3661800170


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