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蘇格蘭有機三文魚免翁扒 | Scotland Organic Salmon Mignon - Dill & Juniper

蘇格蘭有機三文魚免翁扒 | Scotland Organic Salmon Mignon - Dill & Juniper

HK$138.00 Regular Price
HK$119.00Sale Price

重量: 320g

數量: 2塊


  • 二人份量,包裝配上香草牛油,在家中簡單裝作高級餐廳晚餐,焗 、 煎 、 烤皆宜
  • 在蘇格蘭寒冷而清澈的海灣生長,只有優質的新鮮三文魚才用以裝作產品
  • 捕獲後即以超低溫急速冷藏保存,保持最佳野生鮮度和味道
  • 三文魚含奧米加-3脂肪酸最豐富的一種魚
  • 富含維生素AB1B2B3B12DE,同樣也是鈣、鐵、鋅、鎂、磷等礦物質的優良來源
  • 幫助抗氧化
  • 世界上最具健康價值的魚類之一


Weight: 320g

Quantity: 2 pieces


  • Portion for two, With rich dill and juniper crust, topped with a herb infused butter. Enable you to make a simple but quality dinner in your own kitchen. Easily cooked with over, pan fry or grill.
  • Raised and farmed in the cold, clear sea lochs of Scotland. Only the finest and fresh are selected to produce superior quality products
  • Rich with Omega-3, vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, B12, D and E
  • Great source of minerals like calcium, iron, zinc, magnesium and phosphorus
  • Great source of anti-oxidants
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